From April 22, 2000 through April 29, 2000, the 8th grade class of Bernal Middle School in San Jose, CA ventured to the New York City and Washington D.C. areas for their annual school trip to the right coast. The event was arranged by American Student Travel who handled all of the transportation, meals, and lodging. All that was left was to buy souvenirs and take pictures (notice that I left out sleep). The weather was nice for a couple of days, which is why most of the pictures are dark and gloomy. I picked out the best 135 shots and organized them into the following groups. Enjoy!

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Times Square at night (Part 1) Times Square at night (Part 2) Ellis Island
Statue Of Liberty View from the top The UN Building
NY City sights... Central Park St. Patrick's Cathedral
Kennedy Center and Awakening National Cathedral D.C. sights...
Mount Vernon Monuments by night Monuments by day (Part 1)
Monuments by day (Part 2) Arlington National Cemetary (Part 1) Arlington National Cemetary (Part 2)
Fredricksburg Naval Academy (Part 1) Naval Academy (Part 2)
Naval Academy (Part 3) Naval Academy (Part 4) The Wave
Baltimore, MD Bodies on Bus 1 (Part 1) Bodies on Bus 1 (Part 2)
At the pool Home at last

Photographer's disclaimer:

Due to the fact that I didn't use a tripod or flash, not all of the pictures I took were good enough to post....

Besides, there are 135 pictures as it is.