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Visiting the grandkids in Virginia Beach - 2010
Video clip of Ian and Nathan playing Wii baseball
Fishing on the Skykomish river in Murray's driftboat
Dad's 80th surprise birthday party in McMinnville, OR
Video of Nathan opening his 2009 Valentines Day card from Melissa's parents
Ryan's Commissioning Ceremony after graduation from UW
Visiting Ryan and family in Pensacola, Florida when he was training at the Naval Air Station
2008 trip to the Idaho log cabin
Murray and Colleen's wedding in Shady Cove, OR
Family picnic to Rattlesnake Lake in Washington
Ryan And Melissa's wedding in Sunnyvale, CA
Visiting Ryan and family in Virginia Beach when he was training in Norfolk in 2008
Ryan's 2008 Winging Ceremony in Norfolk when he received his Naval Flight Officer wings

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